Equine Dentistry

Dr. Lucas offers full power float dentistry.

Dr. Lucas performs full motorized dentistry. Her analogy is that you wouldn’t want to saw a 2 x 4 in half with a hand saw when you can get the benefits of a motorized one!

In her trained hands, she believes that this equipment is much easier on your horse’s mouth than hand files, and it is much quicker. She will tranquilize your horse and place a full-mouth speculum to completely examine, diagnose and treat any dental abnormalities. This will allow your horse to be comfortable and pain free while having a thorough work up. Annual dental exams will aid in keeping your horse healthy, happy and better able to do his/her job.

Dentistry services include:

  • Corrective floating on abnormal and deformed mouths with problems like parrot mouths, waves and sheared incisors
  • Performance dentistry including bit seats
  • A record detailing the dental evaluation including abnormalities and work performed. This allows us to track your horse’s progress on subsequent visits.

Having your veterinarian perform your equine dental procedures offers you more comprehensive care. The doctor is able to perform other services while the animal is sedated. Other benefits include:

  • Thorough oral examinations
  • Ability to use a speculum to visualize and give access to the rear teeth
  • Sedation
  • Prescribing medications to treat oral infections
  • Taking x-rays of the jaw when indicated
  • Performing extractions
Why Use a Vet Equine Dentist?

An equine dentist is a licensed veterinarian with postdoctorate or advanced training in dentistry. Only licensed veterinarians are allowed to sedate horses.

Specialized power equipment is required to accomplish a thorough floating of the horse’s teeth. If the practitioner does not use power tools, you are doing a disservice to your horse.


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